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Page: Environmental Accounting (REBEL WP3: Environmental Management)
Dia1.JPG border=1! This presentation is mainly based on the seminar held by prof. Hannu Kurki at Jyväskylä University, Faculty of Economics and Administration, Master Programme of Corporate Environmental Management in spring 2008. !Dia2.JPG border=1! As one can see, the field ...
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Page: Environmental Standard ISO 14001 (REBEL WP3: Environmental Management)
outlined in the ISO 14001 specification, the standard presents a generic model for an environmental management system for an organization and provides organizations with a method to systematically manage their environmental activities, products, and services. ISO 14001does not specify levels of environmental performance.The standard ...
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Page: Environmental Standards ISO 14000 series (REBEL WP3: Environmental Management)
standards ISO 14000 are a series of international, voluntary environmental management and environmental tools standards, take the following environmental aspects into account: environmental management systems environmental audits environmental assessment environmental performance life cycle assessment terms and definitions ...
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Page: European Environmental Policies Based on Life Cycle Thinking (REBEL WP6: Eco-Efficiency)
nbsp; Life Cycle Thinking has affected significantly during the recent years throuhg following policies and strategies: The Sustainable Consumption and Production Action Plan aims to reduce the overall environmental impact ...
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Page: Sustainability Reporting (REBEL WP3: Environmental Management)
Companies and corporations do not necessarily need to, but they often want to, report on their responsibility issues. The report can include only environmental issues when it is often called an environmental report, or it can include all the aspects of corporate responsibility (economic, environmental ...
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