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Page: Ethical background (REBEL WP7: Bioenergy)
Ethanol is the third largest and fastest growing market for corn and sugar cane next to livestock feed and exports (source: Renewable Fuels Association, 2007b), critics question, whether corn growers can satisfy demand for both renewable fuels and traditional ...
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Page: Fuel properties of bioethanol (REBEL WP7: Bioenergy)
Bioethanol (ethyl alcohol, grain alcohol, CH{}3\CH{}2\OH or EtOH) is a liquid biofuel, produced from several biomass feedstocks and different technologies. Bioethanol is a renewable biobased resource. Additionally, it is oxygenated (35 % oxygen), providing the potential ...
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Page: Life Cycle Thinking (REBEL WP6: Eco-Efficiency)
Adeline Maijala Helsinki University of technology, edited by Sakari Autio, LUAS \\ Life cycle of a product / service? \\ \\ Life Cycle thinking and studies focus normally on everyday products and services we are using eg. clothing, electronics, furniture ...
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