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Page: Aboriginal wisdom (REBEL WP2: Ethical and scientific foundation)
Explore more: aboriginal wisdom In order to find ways out of the current crisis, and in view of the fact that changes will probably not come from within, several people have been looking for inspiration in somewhat unexpected places: in the accumulated wisdom and cultural traditions ...
Other labels: assignment, indigenous-wisdom, aboriginal, ethics-of-care, indigenous-people
Page: Animation About Life Cycle Thinking + Ethics (REBEL WP6: Eco-Efficiency)
Find a short animation about the life cycle thinking:\\ \\ You may find this animation a bit provocative but the main core of it describes well the connections between different phases of the product┬┤s life cycle and the┬áenvironmental impacts ...
Other labels: eco-efficiency
Page: Assignment - Study the Life Cycle, Use the METT+ matrix (REBEL WP6: Eco-Efficiency)
Sakari Autio, LUAS, 15.9.2010 \\ METT\ MATRIX Materials, Energy, Toxics & Transportation An assignment/tool to analyze environmental aspects of a life cycle \\ Background A product life cycle is a wide concept, and analyzing the concept is the first step towards commanding ...
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Page: Biomass from Agriculture and Forests (REBEL WP7: Bioenergy)

Other labels: biomass, sources-of-energy, bioenergy, forests, power-point, agriculture
Page: Buddhist economics (REBEL WP2: Ethical and scientific foundation)
Explore more: Buddhist economics \\ There is economics and metaeconomics. The point is that economics as a social science and as the everyday reality that we live in is shaped by something that is way broader than economics. It is this larger framework, this worldview, this outlook on life that determines what economics and economies look ...
Other labels: assignment, ethics-of-care, economy, economics, mindset, meta-economics
Page: Business Game (REBEL WP2: Ethical and scientific foundation)
Business Game The business game is a method that falls into the category of experimential learning. It is important, however, that participants take their roles and actions seriously. In order to achieve this introducing and preparing the roles is vital. The business game provides a learning opportunity which cannot be achieved ...
Other labels: teach, business-game, ethics-of-care
Page: Comparing Efficiencies (REBEL WP8: Biotechnology)
Different Approaches to efficieny\\ We all know the word. We all try to be efficient in our way. But is there really a clear and unified understanding of efficiencies? At least one should distinguish between different areas of efficiency: Efficiency of heat Efficiency of enthalpy ...
Other labels: assignment
Page: Competing views on sustainability (REBEL WP2: Ethical and scientific foundation)
Explore more: competing views on sustainability Underneath you find fragments taken from two different documents. The first excerpt is the foreword to World Conservation Strategy. Living Resource Conservation for Sustainable Development, a report of the IUCN, the International Union for Conservation ...
Other labels: assignment, ethics-of-care, sustainable-development, sustainability, conservation, view
Page: Economy in the void (REBEL WP2: Ethical and scientific foundation)
Explore more: economy in the void? \\ "The classical steady state takes the biophysical dimensions population and capital stock (all durable producer and consumer goods) as given and adapts technology and tastes to these objective conditions. The neoclassical "steady state" (proportional growth of capital ...
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Page: Economy off the top of your head (REBEL WP2: Ethical and scientific foundation)
Explore more: economy off the top of your head \\ Step 1 Free association about economy \\ Off the top of your head, write down (or preferably: type up), in separate words, the things, concepts and notions you immediately associate ...
Other labels: assignment, ethics-of-care, economy