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Content with label assignment in REBEL WP6: Eco-Efficiency (See content from all spaces)
Related Labels: foot-print, product, sme's, transportation, environmental, energy, eco-efficiency, lca, standards, company, sustainable-development, learning-tool, service, teach, emissions, co-operation, analysis, life-cycle, ecolabel, more »

Page: Assignment - describe a life cycle of a product
Assignment: Describe (or draw) a life cycle of a product, select your case product together wiht you teacher. It can be some familiar product you use on daily base. Describe roughly with some examples the environmental load ...
Page: Assignment - Life Cycle Improvements of Products
LUAS, Faculty of Technology          &nbsp ;                 &nb sp ...
Other labels: lca, environmental, eco-efficiency, life-cycle, mips, standards, sustainable-development, company
Page: Assignment - Studying eco-efficiency of a company
Learn a bite of practice also: \\ Have a proper look on some company┬┤s environmental/sustainability improvements during the past five years for example This information you can find from "Environmental" or "Corporate Responsibility" report of the company interesting to you ...
Page: Assignment - Study the Life Cycle, Use the METT+ matrix
Sakari Autio, LUAS, 15.9.2010 \\ METT\ MATRIX Materials, Energy, Toxics & Transportation An assignment/tool to analyze environmental aspects of a life cycle \\ Background A product life cycle is a wide concept, and analyzing the concept is the first step towards commanding ...
Other labels: lca, environmental, energy, life-cycle, emissions, transportation, method, product
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