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Content with label eco-efficiency in REBEL WP6: Eco-Efficiency (See content from all spaces)
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Page: Additional information about Life Cycle Thinking and Assesment
additional information you could visit European Union LCAweb page: \\ These pages represent the present EUapproach to Life Cycle Thinking (LCT) and Life Cycle Assesment (LCA).  Look ...
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Page: Animation About Life Cycle Thinking + Ethics
Find a short animation about the life cycle thinking:\\ \\ You may find this animation a bit provocative but the main core of it describes well the connections between different phases of the product´s life cycle and the environmental impacts ...
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Page: Assignment - Life Cycle Improvements of Products
LUAS, Faculty of Technology          &nbsp ;                 &nb sp ...
Other labels: lca, environmental, life-cycle, mips, standards, sustainable-development, company, product
Page: Eco-Efficiency
LUAS / SA / 80% ready \\ \\ Introduction to Ecoefficiency Ecoefficiency as a concept has been discussed widely from the beginning of 90´s. It is seen to offer one functional framework for developing environmental strategies for the companies. Besides "cleaner production" and "responsible business" approaches ...
Other labels: materials, life-cycle, sustainable-development, business, environmental-impact, sustainability, company, definiton
Page: European Environmental Policies Based on Life Cycle Thinking
nbsp; Life Cycle Thinking has affected significantly during the recent years throuhg following policies and strategies: The Sustainable Consumption and Production Action Plan aims to reduce the overall environmental impact ...
Other labels: environmental-policy, ipp, life-cycle-thinking, environmental, life-cycle, narrative-text
Page: Introduction to WP 6
Lahti University of Applied Sciences Sakari Autio \\ Objectives and content of WP 6: EcoEfficiency and Life Cycle Assessment The aim of this work package is to offer learning materials which gives students knowledge about life cycle approach generally ...
Other labels: life-cycle-thinking, lca, life-cycle, company, product, ecolabel, sme's, service
Page: Life Cycle
LUAS/SA/ page is 10 % ready \\ What is a Life Cycle of a product \\ The scope of environmental work in companies is clearly expanding from production processes to cover entire life cycle of their products or services. Life cycle of a product is in many ...
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Page: Life Cycle Assessment - ISO Standard
LUAS, SA, 1.4.2010\\ Life Cycle Assessment According to ISO 140403 standard series\\ In life cycle assessment, environmental aspects and potential environmental impacts are examined across the entire life of a product, from raw material acquisition to manufacture, use ...
Other labels: impact-assessment, lca, life-cycle, environmental-impact, product, service, analysis, narrative-text
Page: Life Cycle Thinking
Adeline Maijala Helsinki University of technology, edited by Sakari Autio, LUAS \\ Life cycle of a product / service? \\ \\ Life Cycle thinking and studies focus normally on everyday products and services we are using eg. clothing, electronics, furniture ...
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Home page: Rebel WP6 Eco-Efficiency and Life Cycle Assessment
feedbackbutton.jpg width=80,height=49! The aim of this workpackage is to offer learning material which gives students basic knowledge about life cycle approach generally and offer practical skills to use ...
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