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Content with label organic-substances in REBEL WP8: Biotechnology (See content from all spaces)
Related Labels: table, biological-methods, wastewater-treatment, biotechnology, anaerobic, sludge, waste-water, bacteria, narrative-text, parameter, diagram, digestion, quality

Page: Loads
pollution caused by organic substances, N and P are calculated on the emitted PE. Personequivalent specific loads (PE) at Q{}{}{}t{}{}=200 l/(Pxd): \\ parameter raw waste water purified waste water \\ \mg/l\ max. value (emission decree ...
Other labels: quality, parameter, table, narrative-text, biotechnology, wastewater-treatment, waste-water
Page: Sludge digestion (anaerobic)
organic substances are generally present as macromolecules (protein, fat, polysacch­arides). When purifying communal waste water, only aerobic rebwp8:Oxygen content methods are used for the decomposition of C compounds. Heterotrophic bacteria rebwp8:Bacteria convert organic ...
Other labels: diagram, narrative-text, anaerobic, biological-methods, biotechnology, bacteria, digestion, sludge
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